Mark Nardin Agent

For me Montana means making dreams come true! I first came to Montana in 1980 on a cross country motorcycle adventure. In 1984 I bought some acreage with a dream to someday make it my home. In 1989 I did it. I started a winter outfitting business, In the summer I worked agriculture and horses after leaving corporate USA behind. We started our family here.

Yes, It is the “Last Best Place” Most of the residents know or know of each other and the sense of community is ever present. As is the sense of nature. Montana is a state of mind and being ! Be a part of it. The people, the culture, the Rivers, the wildlife, the history. Feel the Spirit!

With over 30 years working within the AG community I pride myself in assisting my clients on land stewardship and potential productivity the land can provide. Whether you are looking to farm or ranch the land or want to find that special Paradise in the Treasure state I look forward to putting our resources at Yellowstone Real Estate Group to work for you. As the saying goes, “We ride for the brand”. That brand is you!