Kristin Haug

Jonathan Gilbert

Jonathan was born and raised on a ranch in Texas.  After spending a lot of time in Colorado as a kid, he decided to come out West with his family in 2007.  His love of the western lifestyle and wide open spaces landed him in Livingston Montana in 2014.  He grew up

Mija Hamilton

I have been working as a real estate agent since 1996 and managing properties since 2004. I was raised in San Diego, attended the University of Washington in Seattle, and am married with two kids, a boy and a girl. In the middle of it all, I had the incredible fortune

Carson Pierce

I am originally from Denver, Colorado and I moved to Bozeman in search of what most everyone who moves here is after: the natural beauty of the state and its welcome change of pace from the city. I am blessed to work in a field where my job and passion

Veronica Collins

Veronica was born and raised in mountains of western Montana, first living in Livingston as a Junior at Park High. With a love of working with people, Veronica has built a career in real estate based on strong relationships established with trust and integrity. A passion for community led her

Jeannette Mikos

Jeannette is a new Montanan. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, she and her husband recently moved to Gardiner to start a new business venture in hospitality. Along with her background in accounting, insurance, and construction, she and her husband owned and operated a dairy farm for 20 years. She is honored to