Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers Agent

Tim is an import from the UK and was brought to Western Montana by genuine love for the area and his wife Dione, a native of the State (not necessarily in that order!). When careers in professional sports and the dramatic arts failed to materialize due to a spectacular lack of talent, Tim began a career in Real Estate, and it is in this field that he has spent most of his professional life. Prior to emigrating to the States in 2012 Tim was an equity partner in a boutique Central London Real Estate company, where he successfully managed an office on the South Bank of London, in one of the most competitive property markets in the world. He joined Yellowstone Realty Group having spent 4 years under the tutorage of his father in law, working on Residential and Ranch Sales. Tim lives in historic downtown Bozeman and specializes in residential property in that area and Ranch and Recreational property, Statewide. Tim brings a wealth of experience and a client focused attitude along with a typically British predilection for not taking himself too seriously. He is instantly recognizable in his 1979 “Smokey and the Bandit” Trans Am.

For more information on Bozeman Real Estate and all things Bozeman generally please take a look at Tims Personal Website.