Downtown Bozeman Historic District – Virtual Tour

Downtown Bozeman Historic District – Virtual Tour


Bozeman has numerous fine historic homes. Many of them dated back to the nineteenth century when it had designs on becoming the State Capital.

Downtown Virtual Walking Tour

Take an hour long walk around Beautiful Bozeman on a stunning Fall day. Our Agent Tim Rogers and his dog Lincoln will show you around. See the colors in Historic District Downtown as you tour the charming streets surrounding Main. 60 Minute walk (or increase the speed to run) in 4k HD. This walking tour of Bozeman includes many of Downtown’s Finest Homes.

This project was inspired, in part by the Notable the Bozeman Chronicle Book: Historic Homes of Bozeman by Thomas Lee & B. Derek Strahn. Published in 2004 this photographic book tells the history of each of the houses featured in it. Each is named after the original owners and all 25 of these are featured and noted in the tour.

Historic Homes of Bozeman By Thomas Lee & B Derek Strahn.

Featured Homes in Walking Order

1 Flanders  219 S Grand Ave
2 Goodman 215 S Grand Ave
3 Roch 319 S 3rd Ave
4 Ketterer 703 W Koch St.
5 Alderson  319 S Wilson Ave
6 Martin  419 S Grand Ave
7 Kopp 502 S Grand Ave
8 Mendenhall 521 S Wilson Ave.
9 King 725 S Wilson Ave.
10 Burr Fischer 712 S Wilson Ave
11 Tudor 805 S 3rd Ave
12 Noble 311 S 3rd Ave
13 Gifford 216 S Grand Ave.
14 Gibson 303 S 3rd Ave
15 Cobleigh 909 S 3rd Ave
16 Bath 405 W Cleveland St
17 Purdum  602 W Story
18 Chambers 616 W Story
19 Howerton 401 S 5th Ave
20 Bartlett 8 W Harrison St
21 Lewis 308 S Bozeman Ave
22 Lindley 202 Lindley Place
23 Lehrkind 719. N Wallace Ave
24 Glencross 413 N Wallace Ave
25 Newman 216 N Church Ave