A Memorial For Dude

A Memorial For Dude

On Sunday October 8th, all of us at United Country, Yellowstone Real Estate Group, were devastated to hear that one of our original owners, Dude Tyler had passed away. Dude was a genuine character and someone we enjoyed being around.  He will be greatly missed. A memorial service for Dude

Rocky Mountain Lifestyle

Living and playing in the Rocky Mountains is an adventure like no other. This region offers a range of outdoor activities that will fuel your adventurous spirit.   THRILL OF THE HUNT For hunting enthusiasts, the Rocky Mountains provide some of the best opportunities. Explore the rugged wilderness and track

Embracing Big Sky Country: A Glimpse into Life in Montana

Montana, often referred to as "Big Sky Country," is a place of rugged beauty, outdoor adventure, and a rich cultural tapestry. Nestled in the northwestern United States, this state offers a unique and diverse lifestyle that's hard to find elsewhere. In this blog, we'll take you on a journey through

Downtown Bozeman Historic District – Virtual Tour

Explore.. Bozeman has numerous fine historic homes. Many of them dated back to the nineteenth century when it had designs on becoming the State Capital. Downtown Virtual Walking Tour Take an hour long walk around Beautiful Bozeman on a stunning Fall day. Our Agent Tim Rogers and his dog Lincoln

The Photography of Tom Pallach

Tom Pallach has lived all his life in Montana. He succeeds in capturing many of the hallmark elements of the State in in his varied body of work. The beautiful topography, stunning, sometimes harsh winter landscapes and exploding star filled sky.  Among some of his wildlife images are some wonderfully

Silver Gate Lodging – Pay What You Can

After the flood..   wrought havoc on parts of Southwest Montana this spring, forcing the closure of Yellowstone, local businesses have been dealt a second painful blow. That of the lost livelihoods that tourism brings. In the small town of Silver Gate, Henry Finkbeiner, whose operations form the backbone of

Fairy Lake, Sedan MT

The road is challenging.. But the rewards are worth the bone shaking pot holes you will endure. Approximately 8 miles up the notoriously washboard surface from highway 86 in Sedan MT, Fairly Lake is a classic example of a glacier lake. Color bounces off the crystal clear water and changes

Why Move to Montana?

Lifestyle Article By Brent Jordan Why move to Montana? Well certainly one of the biggest reasons is the people and the culture. Montanans are a down-to-earth, independent, and gracious group of Americans. Although being the 4th largest state in the union in terms of square miles, its population just recently

This Old New House

Design Article By Suzy Barnett   Clearly, my passion is decorating and design.  I love new homes. I love the smell of fresh paint, sparkling clean windows, new shiny appliances. BUT, my favorite décor is making new, look old. You might say, “why would you want to make the new

Cactus Records Bozeman

Moving On.. While downtown has evolved, or changed beyond recognition, dependent on personal perspective, one Main Street institution has endured.  Cactus Records has defiantly remained woven in the fabric of the Bozeman community despite, or perhaps partly because of, numerous seemingly existential threats.  Now however, after over 50 years of