Why Buy Property in Montana?

Why Buy Property in Montana?

Why Move to Montana?

Why move to Montana? There are many great reasons to make the “Big Sky Country” your home! Let’s learn about some the attributes of the state. The cities in Montana are distinct, Livingston is the original gateway city to Yellowstone Park and boast a vibrant outdoor and art scene. Bozeman, a neighbor to Livingston, is home to Montana State University and a burgeoning Bio Tech and Dot Com business Community. With 38,000 residents, Yellowstone International Airport services the world’s visitors and travelers. The Capital City of Montana is Helena, founded on a gold strike, its unique lay out and beautiful historic down town speaks to its western heritage. Missoula is home to St. Patrick’s Medical and the University of Montana, this liberal arts community is alive with talent in the arts, and nestled in the Rocky Mountains. These are just a few of the great cities, who take you back in time with their sense of community from an era of the past.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Montana is nearing 6.5% lower than it is nationwide, this could be attributed to the relativity low taxation rates and abundant natural resources. Highways and Interstate travel in the state are well maintained and modern, and will give you a great look at the diverse topography throughout Montana. The weather is as diverse as the countryside, the eastern part of the state is semi-arid with less moisture and a high plains look, the western part has higher levels of moisture with the Rocky Mountains dominating the landscape. What you will realize is spring, summer, fall and winter, these seasonal changes are welcomed and enjoyed by the residents.

Montana Activities

Activities in Montana? Well let’s see…Fly Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Mountain Biking, Nature Photography, Mountain Climbing, ATV Riding, Golfing, Running, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Horse Back Riding, Rodeo’s, Snow Skiing, Snowmobiling, Ice climbing, Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Fossil Searching, Ice Fishing, Bird Watching, Wildlife Watching….well, there’s a few things to participate in. The fact is, Montana is wide open, and beautiful, and will take you away from the modern hectic world we live in. The quality of life here is truly amazing.