Silver Gate Lodging – Pay What You Can

Silver Gate Lodging – Pay What You Can

After the flood..


wrought havoc on parts of Southwest Montana this spring, forcing the closure of Yellowstone, local businesses have been dealt a second painful blow. That of the lost livelihoods that tourism brings. In the small town of Silver Gate, Henry Finkbeiner, whose operations form the backbone of Silver Gate’s economy has introduced a “Pay what you can” policy for his cabins at Silver Gate Lodging. He explains the philosophy in the short video below. 

A Personal Note From Henry:

Hey All,
Please watch this video. Our town is facing a financial tsunami. I am concerned  for the smaller business and all the people who work up here. My idea is to try to attract as many customers to the area as quickly as possible with the goal of creating as much nature based economic activity as possible this summer.  If It cost me a summer’s worth of income to help this community survive and thrive then it will be worth it.  If this effort falls short of its goal then at least Silver Gate Lodging gave its all.  Please forward this email to anyone or any organization that might want to come to Silver Gate and spend a bit of time connecting to nature or those who may want to donate.  A good gofundme site is  For donors who may want a tax deduction, call me directly.  All donated funds will go to the community, none will go to my business. Our online store and website are  For “pay what you can” special pricing call our reservation desk at 406-838-2371. 
Anyone who has media connections, especially in population centers like Denver, CO or Billings, MT, Cody, WY please let us know.  Any help, advice or consultation is welcome. Any social media exposure or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to call or email me directly at 406-223-3666 /