Why Move to Montana?

Why Move to Montana?

Lifestyle Article By Brent Jordan

Why move to Montana? Well certainly one of the biggest reasons is the people and the culture. Montanans are a down-to-earth, independent, and gracious group of Americans. Although being the 4th largest state in the union in terms of square miles, its population just recently eclipsed 1 million residents.

So, there’s a good chance you’ll run into friends and family during your travels at some point! Montana is a place of unimaginable beauty that is reflected in the graciousness of its citizens. Whether needing help on a country road or friendly visit on main street, Montana takes you back to the Norman Rockwell period of our collective culture.

Of course, when you think of Montana,  you conjure up thoughts of the American west, cowboys, ranching and the great native American nations of the big sky country. From this, Rodeo has played a great role in the state’s lexicon of events. With legendary rodeo heroes and native sons, like All-Around Champion, Benny Reynolds, 3-Time World Champion Saddle Bronc Rider, Shawn Davis, and legendary Champion, Bill Linderman, to name a few. The Montana Pro Rodeo Hall and Wall of Fame honors and enshrines the great rodeo cowboys and cowgirls of the state. It’s also the nation’s largest scholarship provider for student athletes going into collegiate rodeo, having awarded $650,000 year-to-date in scholarship money.

Love native American culture? From the great Blackfoot nation of the Flathead to the Crow and Northern Cheyenne nations, these carry on the historical educational tradition of the “Battle of the Little Big Horn” with battle reenactments of General George Custer and the 7th cavalry and his last stand. The beautiful Crow Fair in August, located near the battle site, encompasses rodeo, horse racing and native pow wow, fancy dancing.

The open spaces, a culture of yesteryear, the quiet peace — all of this, awaits you in the big sky country of Montana. Let the knowledgeable and friendly professionals of the Yellowstone Real Estate Group, help you find your piece of America’s last best place!